Friday, August 12, 2011

Iowa Hawkeye Football Camp 8/11/11 & NFL Hawkeye Notes

The NFL season has finally arrived and 44 former Hawkeyes are preparing for their season just as the current Hawks are getting ready for Tennessee Tech.  Make sure to tune in and catch the following games and former Hawkeyes tonight:

7:30 PM - Miami Dolphins (AJ Edds) @ Atlanta Falcons (Jonathan Babineaux, Rob Bruggeman & Andrew Schulze)
7:30 PM - Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions (Amari Spievey & Ryan Donahue)
7:30 PM - Pittsburgh Steelers (Brett Greenwood) @ Washington Redskins
8:00 PM - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Adrian Clayborn) @ Kansas City Chiefs (Ricky Stanzi, Tony Moeaki & Casey Wiegmann)
8:00 PM - San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints (Mitch King & Jeremiha Hunter)

The Hawkeyes completed their 8th practice of Fall Camp yesterday and have practices number 9 and 10 today.  We have again included some flip cam footage from practice number 8 yesterday.  Make sure to stay tuned and check back later today for some footage from this mornings practice as the Big Ten Network is in town.